(Artwork created for Lumières d’Afriques exhibition)

Following on the late Prof. Chachage, my father who was a sociology professor and a social critic (and was believed to be the first one to play with these words in the same manner), this artwork plays with, and hence ridicules the idea behind the ruling party’s (the only since independence) 2005 election campaign motto: ARI, NGUVU, KASI (ZEAL, STRENGTH, HASTE)—which in reality they have (year after year) delivered very little, or the same in the opposite direction—into an opposite, i.e. A-.NGU-,KA- (ANGUKA-FALL).

The uses LED Neon Flex lights to write these three words-ARI, NGUVU, and KASI. The light will be designed to have parts of it on an on/off loop so that at times it appears as ARI, NGUVU, and KASI, and other times it just reads as A-NGU-KA.

In this decade; Africa has been celebrating 50 years of independence. In Tanzania we witnessed a series of very big budget fairs, festivals, campaigns and activities which were more of marking the half decade and only a few (if any) national dialogues and debates on reflection and redefinition of our vision and development as a people. At fifty plus years basic needs (like electricity, water, etc) still remain privileges for the masses; dysfunctional systems (such as education and health) let alone the unpromising economic growth, in short, we are Falling, and not rising, as most of us would hope to 50 years later, since the day we got liberation.