Monthly Archives: June 2015

Today’s Standards of African Beauty

Originally a performative lecture during VENUS-The anti-hero hero My talk today will look at how much today’s standards of African beauty have internalized and adopted the western standards of black beauty, and how much the global visual language we continuously see produced on the black female body is equally as damaging as the local ways […]

How contemporary is Tanzanian Art?

Originally a panel presentation during Imaginings: The Worlds of George Lilanga exhibition Mawande Ka Zenzile, To call a spade a spade, 2014 The above works are extracts from a series that Mawande Ka Zenzile had created in June and July 2014 while on a residency in Tanzania. He called this series IMPORT/EXPORT and it engages with the artist’s […]

Tanzania is at The Dawn of a Cultural Awakening

AN IMPORTANT AND UNIQUE CULTURAL HERITAGE RESCUED ‘Knowledge is at the heart of social and economic growth. Knowledge relies heavily on shared cultural heritage and on openness to the unknown. To that end, artists have a special role as social barometers, as promoters of change and as repository of tradition…’ (Marina Galvani, Tanzania Knowledge is […]