Monthly Archives: February 2013

Mshanga, 2012

(Photographic prints)   Mshanga interrogates nuances in gender, generation, and poverty. It tells (and was inspired by) the story of Orupa Mchikirwa, my mother’s grandmother-and hence my great grandmother-from whose house my mother grew up in for most of her childhood years. Orupa was a fairly poor woman surrounded by many grandchildren, relatives’ children and […]

Kwa Baba Rithi Undugu, 2010

(Video in Wooden Radio Sculptures) The single adequate form of verbally expressing authentic human life is open-handed dialogue. Life by its very nature is dialogic. To live means to participate in dialogue: to ask questions, to heed, to respond, to agree, and so forth… (Mikhail bakhtin, 1984: 293) ‘Kwa Baba rithi undugu’ explores the themes […]

Mizizi/Nasaba (Kinship/Roots), 2010

(Photographic prints)   Mizizi/Nasaba explores the state of bereavement and the politics of gender in African society when it comes to inheritance. It consists of digital prints that document a performance of an interaction and a relationship that is forming between a bereaved daughter and the knowledge and wisdom in the text that was left […]